milc pulse™ takes the pulse on pulsation and is backed by one™, a cloud based Dairy Management platform.

San Luis Obispo, CA, October 2nd, 2018– milc group is proud to offer a new pulsation monitor system called milc pulse™ which measures vacuum levels in pulsation vacuum lines and sends notification through the app called one™ to alert users if there are unhealthy milking units in the parlor.

One™ is a platform that houses multiple modules for dairy management, currently “feed” and “facility”.

Milc pulse™ is the first of many sensors that will be managed through the new module called facility. The goal for one™ facility is to help Dairies maintain their facilities proactively leading to higher productivity. Milc pulse™ is being manufactured in the USA and is affordable and easy to install. The subscription to one™ facility includes full tech support, to ensure a smooth setup and a great user experience.

There is no shortage of data being collected on dairies but there is a shortage of actionable data,” says Raffael Lichdi, Director of Sales and Marketing at milc group. “We focus on developing a software backbone with our sensors so when users gets notified by one™ facility they know it’s time to act, not just another notification”.

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